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Hello, I'm Stephen Mount

I make websites and apps.

Stephen Mount

As a developer, I primarily create websites and phone apps. My commercial experience spans UK Government, private and public sector organisations working with a range of technologies.

I'm fascinated by technology and creating a better world. Since childhood, I’ve been breaking into almost anything electrical just to understand how things work from the inside.

While I’m a fan of all things tech, especially those that encourage compassion and kindness, I’m also into personal fitness and motorbikes, so if you want to get me talking, just mention one of those two things. If you’re interested in learning more about me or the projects I work on, please do get in touch.

Some of my valued clients: BBC Good Food BBC TopGear Catch Digital Care Quality Commission Eurostar.com Four Communications NBC Universal Rackspace Sport Relief Steer Davies Gleave Vivienne Westwood